Gallagher Research

The Gallagher Research Team, headed by Dr. Melissa A. Gallagher, focuses on supporting teachers to develop the knowledge, beliefs, and practices necessary to support the mathematical potential of all students, especially multilingual learners. In order to support teachers in this goal, we also study the ways in which culturally and linguistically diverse students express their mathematical ideas. We value diversity of thought, culture, and language, and see multilingualism and multiculturalism as critical to innovation. We work in partnership with teachers, students, and parents to help all students reach their full potential in mathematics. 

Our values


Students who are multilingual bring different linguistic and cultural assets to the mathematics classroom. We work with teachers to understand and leverage those assets and help all students be mathematics explorers.


Diversity of ideas, languages, cultures, and perspectives can help enrich the mathematics classroom. 


We know that parents, teachers, and students are all our partners in the work of helping all students be successful in mathematics. 

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